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On-Site Behavioral

Behavioral Healthcare in Your Facility

We deliver a full range of psychological, mental health counseling and behavioral health services in facilities ranging from skilled nursing homes and rehabilitation centers to adult homes and assisted living.

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Comprehensive Psychiatric Care

We provide complete psychiatric and pharmacological care. From assessment to medication management and titration, we bring it all to your facility to ensure that patients are receiving continuous care.

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Customized Treatment Plans

We have created a unique program of psychological services tailored to meet the specific needs of residents in long-term care facilities. No one size fits all – our clinical team can help to treat and address a wide variety of individual issues.

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Country-wide Teletherapy
for adults over the age of 21

Supportive Care Behavioral Services, a leading behavioral health provider, is now offering mental health services to patients across the country via Telehealth.

Until recently, Supportive Care exclusively provided behavioral health services in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and other similar settings. It now expanded its age bracket to include anyone over the age of 21 in response to increased feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supportive Care’s behavioral professionals are comprised of Licensed Clinical Psychologists, (PSYD), Licensed Clinical Social Workers, (LCSW), Psychiatrists, (MD), Nurse Practitioners (APRN), with expertise in psychological assessment evaluation and treatment, neuropsychological testing, medication management, and major psychotherapeutic modalities.

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We don’t see patients,
we see people.

We understand the challenges that adults face when living with mental or behavioral health conditions. Even those who have no previous history of mental illness may be plagued by anxiety or experience an onset of depression as they lose physical health or mobility as a result of advancing age. The fact is: the psychological challenges of aging take a toll on the entire community as our friends, neighbors and former colleagues readjust to new abilities and activities.

Consistency and High Quality Care.

We Incorporate our Services to Help Service others.

Spreading an Awareness

Fewer than one-fifth of residents receive treatment from a mental health clinician despite a high need.

Department of Health and Human Services on Aging

Targeted Treatment

Depression and anxiety symptoms in older adults are often untreated as they can be masked by other illness or events that result from aging.

American Psychological Association

Appropriate Screening

Less than half of residents with a major mental illness receive appropriate pre-admission screening.

Office of the Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services