About Your Facility

Patient Care –
Your Top Priority.

We understand that, while most long-term care facilities are operating on a shrinking budget in an increasingly regulated environment, patient care remains your top priority.

As an Administrator you are balancing compliance issues and budgetary demands with employee recruitment, training, management and retention issues.

With the baby boomer generation entering retirement age, effectively doubling America’s senior population by 2030, demands on residential care facilities are only expected to increase.


The Need is Real.

More than 45% of residents in nursing facilities suffer from depression

48% of residents in nursing facilities are affected by dementia.

Two-thirds of facility residents exhibit mental and behavioral problems.

Resident Benefits

Every life tells a powerfully moving story and Supportive Care professionals are privileged to be entrusted with thousands of these every year. We are dedicated to helping enhance the quality of life for the people we treat because their story doesn’t have to end when they enter your  facility.

  • Improved patient outcomes and quality of life for residents
  • Decrease in anxiety and agitation
  • Less disruptive behavior
  • Increased participation in physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Increased participation in social activities
  • Increased levels of satisfaction for residents and their families

Facility Benefits

We don’t see patients, we see PEOPLE. And we understand that nursing home administrators and facility staff are people, too! By choosing Supportive Care as your “in-house” psychological and psychiatric services partner you can start to see improved facility outcomes.

  • Fewer re-hospitalizations
  • Reduction of psychotropic medications where talk therapy can alleviate symptoms
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Improved resident and family satisfaction
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Improved documentation, compliance and survey results
  • Your staff has been compassionate, diligent and willing to work hard to help meet the needs of our clients. I feel as though Supportive Care put together a team that is compatible with our facility and a pleasure to work with. I have really enjoyed working with you all!

    Kristen R. Director of Social Services
  • From the time they started providing psychological services at our facility, Supportive Care has continued to impress. They assumed a large case load from another provider and did so without a hitch, due to in part their rigorous planning and consultation with myself and key staff at our facility. They integrated quickly and developed a great working relationship with our staff. I highly recommend Supportive Care!

    Katie F. Administrator
  • The Supportive Care staff have been so diligent in communicating with me! It is a wonderful asset that is so often overlooked! I feel as if we are working as a team instead of separate departments!

    Brynn O. Director of Social Services